How can you make me go from feeling exactly what you mean with your "throat seized up, my eyes filled with tears, my nose burned," and my eyes also filled with tears as I remembered, to laughing out loud at the last stanza! Brilliant rollercoaster-of-a-poem! Thank you for sharing!

Photo Credit: Matt Ray, Leaving Old Towne, Cartagena, and heading towards the newer part of town

Photo by Jason Wong on Unsplash

A poem about drinking coffee, now that I can

Whenever I wake up and I can smell the coffee brewing
I marvel at the magic of the wonderment you’re stewing
The aroma passes through the house and seeps through every room
It almost starts to get me high with caffeine in my tomb

I can’t believe I lived for forty years without this beverage
All because somebody thought to use it as some leverage
For I know sin is just a made-up thing to control people
So churches and religion can provide with saving steeples
Solutions to our problems and salvation from our sinning
That way when we repent of them it feels…

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

Balancing Life with Writing

Writers write. Writers write. Writers write.

I keep reminding myself of this mantra. There are days when I write five or six articles and I pop them up on Medium and then I go days without writing anything. I’ve got to get out of this habit and get more into the groove of writing something every day.

My issue — I’m sure it’s the same as many of the Medium writers out there — is I have lots of other things going on. I’m working on a Master’s degree in CyberSecurity. I’m trying to put in billable time with my Consulting firm. …

Photo Credit: Matt Ray, Sunrise, sailing westward

A one-line poem about pushing west towards Cabedelo

We sway back and forth under the countless waves and swells
assisting the breeze, constantly behind us with 5–15 knots for the past 10 days, since we left Saint Helena, the British Protectorate Island,
pushing us ever westward toward the southern continent of the Americas, Brazil, and Cabadelo.

© Matt Ray 2021

From 2016 to 2019 I sailed around the world by crewing on sailboats or what I call Global HitchHiking. I ended up circumnavigating on 8 different boats. This part of the journey was from St Helena to Brazil. …

Travel. British Isles.

Historical, scenic, and beautiful.

Photo Credit: Matt Ray, A beautiful shot of St Helena’s countryside, the ocean in the background

St Helena is a beautiful volcanic island in the middle of the South Atlantic. I sailed there from Namibia a couple of years ago with friends. This will be my third article about St Helena. For an overview, check out this article.

After we’d settled into the country a few days, we decided to do a paid tour of the island. There were 7 of us on the bus, all of us friends from sailboats in the harbor.

The town of Jamestown was quaint, and it had cool old buildings, but I didn’t find it overly beautiful. It sits in…

Photo Credit: Matt Ray, Ripples in the water, near Madagascar

A poem about love and the ocean

Ripples in the water as I sail across the sea
The ocean she is calling, calling for you and me
Don’t know why she’s calling, I guess I’ll go and see
Don’t know where I’m going, far across the sea.

Thinking of my true love, far across the sea
Wondering what she’s doing, and if she thinks of me
Makes me long to see her, don’t know when that’ll be
Makes me long to see her so far across the sea

Sailing is majestic, sailing across the sea
Surrounded by the water, as far…

Photo Credit: Matt Ray, This shot was taken near the time this poem was written in 2019 as we were sailing from St Helena to Brazil

A poem about sailing in the ocean on a given day

Sailing in the South Atlantic Ocean
Different shades of blue and green
As far as eye can see
Textured, contoured, jagged-edged, pock-marked,
dimpled, and rippled waters surround us
White and varying shades of grey clouds encircle the horizon,
The entire horizon — three-hundred-sixty-degrees
As if we are in a giant bowl of cloud-lined, salt-water soup
Blue soup that has been shaken, not stirred
But a darker shade of blue than that of the bright blue sky
Above the layer of clouds

© Matt Ray 2021

Want to connect? You can find me somewhere on this beautiful planet, usually on a…

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